Tired of the same bed?

February 13, 2019

Custom designed headboards and beds.

With over 200 fabrics and 70 leathers to choose from you can create the bed of your dreams. From height to border accents you can design the perfect bed for your space! 

Our Bed Headboard Sizes 

Twin Headboard W45" D4" 
Full Headboard W60" D4" 
Queen Headboard W66" D4" 
King Headboard W82" D4" 
K H California King Headboard W78" D4"

Bed Sizes

Twin Bed W45" D84"
Full Bed W60" D84"
Queen Bed W66" D89"
King Bed W82" D89"
California King Bed W78" D93"
Side/Foot Rail Height 14"
Each Bed = Headboard / Foot Rail / Side Rails / Wood Slats

For more info on custom beds call (904) 290-4408 or Click Here

Choose your style.. 

J Turner Custom Beds Jacksonville Florida

We have over 70 fabrics to choose from! 

J Turner Custom Beds Jacksonville Florida

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