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At J Turner & Co. in Jacksonville, we offer interior design services that can help create unique and gorgeous spaces in your home or business. Our interior designers can take your vision or help you find your vision and bring it to life, providing your space with a look better than you could have imagined.

The manner of J Turner & Co. rings true in our interior design services. J Turner & Co. lends itself as a source for unique, one-of-a-kind objects, as well as an inspiring gathering place to design, concept, and plan your next residential or commercial project. Our exceptional interior designers are passionate about creating a space that you truly love

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•Lighting design to help find the perfect size and style of lighting.
•Space planning for difficult rooms.
•Assistance finding the right artwork and photography for each space.
•Rug selection to make the rooms cozy and warm.
•Local delivery in Jacksonville, FL.
•Work personally with one of our interior designers.
•A thorough design strategy for you and your home.
•Enjoy a custom design for just $199.
•10% discount on a variety of our decor inventory, including teak pieces.


From the very beginning, we will work together to create a design concept that has your style and personality at the forefront. Your home is a space that should reflect who you are, and our interior designers strive to learn your passions so that we can select pieces that are perfect for you and for each space in your home.

It can seem, on the surface, that designing a home is just picking out a few pieces that look the same and putting them together in a room. In reality, however, designing a cohesive space that utilizes texture, color, shape, space, and more can be overwhelming and frustrating. Working with an interior designer can guarantee that you will have a finished space that includes pieces you love, along with a balance of many other design concepts. Whatever your tastes and unique style is, our team of talented designers want to see your eyes light up when you walk into the finished space

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Creating a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting environment is a great way to invest in your home and transform your space into something you love. At J. Turner & Co. we work hard to provide unique pieces and styles that fit your vision. If you are interested in interior design services for your home or business, be sure to contact our team today! We are happy to help you create the space you have always dreamed of.

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