Different Interior Design Styles to Consider

Different Interior Design Styles to Consider

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Decorating and designing your home is fun and exciting. Whether you just moved in or are simply reinventing your space, you can use furniture, art, and accessories to create the perfect style for your home. While some people know what style they like, others may enjoy different aspects of all styles and may be unsure which style they want in their home.

At J. Turner & Co. in Jacksonville, we offer a wide variety of furniture styles that can help you create the perfect look for your home, no matter what style you are trying to create. Our beautiful and timeless furniture can allow you to easily change your home’s style by swapping out the art, accessories, and accent pieces in your home. Finding the right style can be a challenge, so we wanted to give you some different interior design styles to consider that can help simplify the process and spark some inspiration.


Traditional style is beautiful and classic. This style can add a touch of sophistication to any room and will never go out of style. Traditional style includes a lot of dark wood finishes, rich color palettes, and elaborate details. With this style, you may also find a lot of different fabrics used that may not be as popular with other styles, such as velvet and silk.

Traditional style also incorporates a lot of different accessories and accent pieces. If you like a simpler style or minimalistic look, traditional style may not be for you. If you love the look of dark and rich colors, you should consider traditional design. A lot of the rich, gorgeous pieces of furniture you will find in a traditional style home can also be used in different styles — simply pair them with different accessories and accents.


A modern style is very different from a traditional one. While modern design covers a wide array of looks, this style is usually clean, simple, and uses calm color palettes. Modern home designs use a variety of materials too, such as glass, metal, and steel.

A modern style is better for those who like simplicity. You can create a sleek, clean, and simple style to achieve the modern look. While some people are not a huge fan of modern, you can’t argue that it doesn't look sophisticated and crisp. Modern design often uses fewer accent pieces and decor, which gives it the simple look. If you enjoy decorations and accent pieces, modern design may not be the right style option for you.


People often use the terms modern and contemporary design interchangeably, but there is one main difference between the two. While modern design is very distinguishable, contemporary design focuses on what is currently happening in interior design. This allows contemporary design as a whole to be more fluid and ever changing. This makes it easy to stick with current trends, but also means that you may be changing the look of your home often.

When it comes to contemporary design, it is best to invest in timeless furniture that can be used in a variety of styles and simply use the accent pieces and accessories to create your contemporary style.


Bohemian style is fun, free, and adds a cheerful element to any space. While many people think of bright colors, mismatched patterns, and a unique collection of furniture and decor when it comes to a bohemian style, there are different ways to create a bohemian style.

Bohemian style often includes wicker pieces, patterns, and natural palettes, but there are ways to create a classy and sophisticated Bohemian look in your home. You don’t need to find all of your furniture and decorations at the flea market, you don’t need to incorporate floor pillows, and you don’t need a bunch of different patterns thrown together. This style offers a sense of freedom and allows you to truly create your own look. It offers a natural sense and uses a lot of different material and textures to create a space that works together.


The rustic style is another one that uses natural elements to create a unique style. Rustic design features raw and unfinished material, like wood and stone. Natural materials are what truly distinguishes rustic design. Rustic design focuses on natural beauty and simplicity.

Stone fireplaces are a big aspect of rustic interior design, but the furniture and accessories you choose can also help you create that look. Natural wood tables, reclaimed wood cabinets, neutral colors, and aged accents can help you create a rustic style. This is a great choice for people who like a more natural look and materials.


Coastal style design is inspired by the popular beachside, which is why it is also often called Hamptons style. This style features bright lights, neutral colors, and palettes of blue and green. The furniture used in this home style is often white or beige. This style also features wood elements and accent pieces. Teak wood is a great way to add to your coastal style.

This style often can feel beachy and relaxed. The bright and light color combinations, mixed with the blue and green accents, can create a beautiful and calming space. If you want to take your coastal style to the next level, you can add ocean-inspired decor pieces. This is a great style that many people enjoy.


Scandinavian design can be described as simplistic. This style generally features a lot of natural light, spacious setups, and fewer pieces of decor. The furniture used in Scandinavian design is functional and simple. You will find a lot of the color white being used in Scandinavian style. Color can be added through pieces of art, accent pillows or throws, or single pieces of furniture.

This style is close to a minimalistic style but offers more style, color, and accessories. This is a great way to style your home if you like a simple look, light colors, and some color. This style is often described as light and airy, and features natural elements, such as ashy woods. Scandinavian design focuses on coziness in the simplest way.


The minimalist style takes elements of modern design and Scandinavian design and simplifies them even further. This style uses neutral color palettes and very simple furniture. There are generally no accent pieces that pop out and there are very few accessories or decorations, if any.

Functionality and clean lines are two major elements of a minimalist design. While this clean, simple, and empty design style is gorgeous and very popular in modern style homes, it is not for everyone. If you don’t want to decorate your home with a ton of accessories and accent pieces, this may be a great style for you to try!

There are so many different home styles to try. No matter what you are looking for, there is a style out there that can help you create the design you are looking for. At J. Turner & Co. in Jacksonville, we offer a large collection of furniture and accessories that can help you create the perfect look for your home. Our furniture collections feature a ton of timeless pieces and styles that can be used in a variety of home designs. If you need help designing your home, one of our brilliant and talented interior designers can help! Contact us to learn more and to start working with us today.

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