How Lighting Can Enhance Your Space

How Lighting Can Enhance Your Space

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There are many different ways to enhance your space and give it a completely new look and feel. While many people focus on furniture, paint colors, and other more prominent aspects of a home design, many forget to consider the lighting. The lighting in your home or a certain space can completely change the feel.

The unique lighting fixtures that can be added to your home can be a great and functional way to decorate a space. At J. Turner & Co. in Jacksonville, we can help you design your home to make it a space you love. Our interior designers can help turn your visions into a space you get to live in! Plus, we offer a collection of high-quality and stunning furniture that can help complete each room. In this blog, we are going to discuss how the lighting you choose for your home can enhance the look and feel of your space. Read on and contact us to get help designing your home.

Make It Cozy

Everyone loves feeling cozy in their own home, no matter what your personal style is. Lighting can help add a cozy feel and a warm glow to your home in the evening hours. Reading in your favorite chair with a cup of tea is much more enjoyable when you have a small lamp that provides a soft glow, strong enough to highlight your pages but not too bright that it takes away from the ambiance. Lights that provide a nice, soft, warm glow are much more relaxing and offer a much cozier feel then harsh fluorescent lights like those in an office building. Adding the right lights to your space can help to provide you with the feel you want.

Create a Flow

The lighting in your home can be used to create a flow, whether you are trying to split an open space into different “rooms” or you are trying to make a space seem bigger, the lighting can help. By adding pendant lights or statement lights above certain areas in your home or space, you can create more distinct areas in your home. Image a home with an open concept kitchen and living room. By adding linear pendant lights above the island and a larger pendant light about the kitchen table, you can help separate these areas while still enjoying the open concept of your home.

Highlight Certain Aspects

The lighting in your home can also help highlight some of your favorite pieces of decor or unique features in your home. Whether you want to add lights that illuminate a piece of artwork above your mantle or you want to add lights around a spiral staircase, you can use the lighting in your home to draw people’s attention to certain things. This is a great way to show off your favorite features of your home, whether it is a decor or something else that needs to be recognized.

Add a Pop Of Color

With so many different lighting options to choose from, you can also use it to add a pop of color to your home. If your home’s furniture and decorations are mostly monotone colors, you can add a uniquely colored pendant light to add some color that helps give your space a unique touch. This is a great way to add an interesting touch to any room without having to invest in all new decor or furniture.

Work as Decor

While lighting is a functional piece that you add to your home, it can also work as decor. Designer lighting is becoming more and more common and it is easier to find unique and stunning lighting options for your home. While most people use lighting for the functional aspect, it can also be the center of attention in a room. A breath-taking chandelier or a unique and beautiful lamp could be the piece of decor you need to give your space a stylish touch.

Add a Unique Touch

Since the lighting in your home can be used as a decoration, it can also add a unique touch to any space. If the rest of the room is simple and has a classy style, you can use an extremely unique light fixture to add the touch that truly stands out. This is a great way to keep your rooms more mild and classically styled while giving it a unique touch that will catch people’s attention!

Provide Functionality

Lighting can also enhance your space simply because of its functionality. You have lights in your home because you need them to see when it's dark. Adding lights to different spaces for their functional purpose will make your home more enjoyable to live in. A wall-mounted reading light in your reading corner, a vanity light in your bathroom, and under cabinet lighting are all types of lighting options that make the space more functional and allow you to truly enjoy it more.

Lighting is a great way to enhance any space and give it a different overall feel and style. If you need help designing your home and need advice on how and where to add lighting, our team of interior designers can help! Contact J. Turner & Co. in Jacksonville to learn more and get started today!

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