How to Use Decor to Freshen Up Your Home Style

How to Use Decor to Freshen Up Your Home Style

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Styles are constantly changing, as are our personal preferences. Think about how much interior design styles have changed in recent decades, from shag carpets and stripes painted on the wall to a now more simple and sleek style. And just as the trends have slowly faded into new trends, we are sure your personal design preferences have changed throughout the years as well. Because of this, it is common to get bored with your home’s current decor and style after years of staring at the same things.

Luckily, freshening up your home’s style can be as simple as swapping out the decor. There are many ways to use decor to freshen up your homes styles and make it feel as good as new. You don’t need to invest in all new furniture, paint, and other more permanent fixtures to give your home a new look and feel, unless of course you want to! Instead, simply invest in new decor and accent pieces to create a new look. This is one of the reasons we often suggest choosing neutral colors and styles for your big pieces of furniture, it is easy to constantly create and change styles when all you have to do is swap out the decorations you use!

At J. Turner & CO. in Jacksonville, we offer interior design services as well as sell furniture and home decor that can help you create beautiful and flawless styles in your space. Our interior design experts can help you transform your home simply by changing the decor and adding new accent pieces. In this blog, we are going to talk about how you can use decor to freshen up your home’s style. Read on to learn more and be sure to contact us to start working with an interior designer! You can also start shopping our collections of decor to find items to fit your home.

Start With a Clean Slate

Before you start adding new decor and accent pieces to your home, you need to start with a clean slate. Take a good look at your home or the room that you want to give a makeover. Be sure to note pieces you no longer like the look of, items that feel out of place, and decorations that don’t match the look you are going for. Whether you sell these pieces, donate them, or pack them away for safekeeping, by ridding your home of these items that no longer fit your style, you can start with a clean slate and know what new pieces you are looking for. If you get rid of the throw pillow on your couch, you know now that you can add new throw pillows to help create your new interior design look! Whatever room you want to freshen up, be sure to go through and thoroughly look at everything in it.

Choose Your Style

Creating a new style through the use of decor and accent pieces can be a fun and exciting challenge. But before you start shopping, you need to figure out what type of new look you are going for, this will make it easier to find the right decorative pieces to add to your home. Remember, you don’t have to replace all of your decorations and accent pieces to freshen up your interior style. Adding a few eye catching pieces can make all the difference!

Swap The Throw Pillows

Many couches come with throw pillows when you purchase them from furniture department stores, and to be honest, those throw pillows are not always the most stylish. If you have been sporting the throw pillows that came with your couch, it is time to swap them out for ones that actually match your home’s style. New throw pillows that have fun colors, unique patterns, or are mix-and-matched can add a pop to your living room and give it a fresh style. The great thing about throw pillows is that they can really help define your interior style. Whether you choose simple earth-tone pillows, bright and colorful bohemian style pillows, or a more traditional style throw pillow, they can help you create the look you want.

Focus On Wall Art

Wall art and accent pieces are another great way to freshen up your interior design style. There are several ways you can use your wall art to give your style a fresh new feel. The first is to rearrange existing artwork on your walls. Get creative and mix and match pieces that you didn’t have together before. This can give your room a new focal point that adds interest and beauty without having to add new pieces. The second way is to add some new pieces to your collection of wall art. If you have a few pieces that you love, but have empty spaces on your wall, you can find pieces that either match the others or beautifully contrast them. This will also create interest in your space and draw the eye from piece to piece. Finally, you can find one stunning piece of wall art that makes a statement and is bold. This single piece of wall art should be large enough to cover a large section of wall and be something that you love to look at. If you do find one statement-making piece, be sure not to hang other items around it, you do not want to create an overwhelming appearance, nor do you want to take away from the statement piece.

Statement Pieces

Along with wall art, you can also add statement pieces in other areas. From statues and sculptures to trunks and bar carts, these are pieces that can truly tie a room together and give it a fresh new look. By adding a statement piece like this, you can add a sense of intrigue to a room and help you achieve your desired style.

Add Natural Pieces

Natural elements have become popular in home decor, from living house plants to wooden accent pieces. Adding these natural pieces can not only be used as a beautiful piece of decor in your home, but they can also add a touch of comfort to your space. Try to add a fun plant, like a monstera or a fiddle leaf fig tree to your room. If you don’t have a green thumb and don’t even want to attempt trying to keep a plant alive, there are many other options. At J. Turner & Co., we sell a collection of teak wood furniture, accent pieces, and decorations that can add that natural element to your home. Wooden pieces can add a gorgeous and raw touch to your home’s style, giving it a fresh and lively feel.

These are a few simple ways to update your home’s interior style and give it a fresh new look. The accent pieces and decor you use can drastically change the look and feel of your home. If you want a more dramatic change in your home’s style or need help choosing new decor, be sure to get in touch with our team at J. Turner & Co. in Jacksonville today! We can help you give your home a fresh new look by simply updating your decor.

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