Patio Trends for 2019

Patio Trends for 2019

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Keeping up with the patio furniture trends is just a part of life. Just like there are new clothing styles each winter and summer, new patio trends pop up that can give your outdoor space a whole new look, or you can update little details that will make the whole aesthetic modern and fresh. Whether you’re doing a complete makeover or just looking for something new to spice things up, here’s what you can expect from 2019.

Outdoor Patio Design Trends for 2019

Mixing Indoor and Outdoor

People want to be outside, there’s no doubt about it. But they still want the comfort, privacy, and protection from the elements as if they were inside — so why not do both? Create an extension of your home by constructing an outdoor living room with open walls, a full roof, ceiling fans, lighting, and comfortable outdoor furniture that everyone in the family and guests alike can lounge on.

Fire Pits

No matter the season, a fire pit provides a space for everyone to gather around and enjoy being outside. There are a variety of things to consider when installing a fire pit, including the foundation it will sit on, the location, the material, the fuel source, and ensuring it’s safe. Once it’s constructed and ready to go, grab a bag of marshmallows and watch the stars!


The color theme for any outdoor space really comes down to personal preference and if there are any existing colors that you need to work around or with. However, when you want to keep up with the latest trends, you can’t go wrong with blue or any sea-tone colors. The beautiful mix of blues and greens found in the ocean is a soft gray tone that makes matching complementary colors a cinch. If you want to brighten up the space, consider an azure, sapphire, or turquoise. Use your favorite shade of blue for outdoor furniture pillows, carpet, blankets, or even the art.

Dual Purpose

Enjoying your time outside is about convenience, so look for furniture that serves multiple purposes. Look for end tables that open up for storage, coffee tables with shelves, a storage box with a space for furniture cushions as well as a usable countertop for drinks or food platters, and ottomans that can be used as footstools and tables. The goal is for your family or guests to never have to get up from their seat.

Built to Last

This is especially important if you’re remodeling your patio. Yes, designing an outdoor space is an investment, but when done correctly, it’s an investment you can be proud of for years to come. Whether it’s the flooring, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or a water feature, you want to know that it’s reliable. Our interior designers could spend hours talking about which materials to use for each element of the design, so feel free to give us a call with any questions.

Clean and Simple

When shopping for your outdoor furniture or any patio accessories, it’s easy to go overboard and get all of the things. But remember, sometimes (we may argue all the time) clean and simple makes for a better design. You want your guests to feel comfortable walking around and not worried about bumping their shins or tripping on one-too-many garden turtles sitting on the floor. Consider this when looking at the design of the future itself as well. Look at the lines of a sofa, the curve of an arm, the design on pillows, and the overall look when things are put into place.

Think Materials

There are dozens of materials that could be used in an outdoor setting, but the important thing to consider is how easy they are to maintain. Again, being outside in 2019 means convenience, so the less maintenance your furniture requires the better. Great options include aluminum and wrought iron for tables and chairs, just be sure to get some comfortable cushions that can be easily put on and taken off. For a high-end look, wood has a warm tone, a natural feel, and is still fairly easy to maintain.

Think Teak

When it comes to the biggest trend hitting the outdoor furniture scene, it’s teak furniture and accessories. Teak is a hardwood so it is durable and will last for years, but it will require some maintenance to ensure it continues to look as beautiful as it did when you first got it. Teak end tables, coffee tables, table tops, stools, and accessories — teak offers a rustic look and will definitely stand out from the entire space. Give your patio a one-of-a-kind look that guests will be jealous of.

Even though the hot weather has been around for a while, summer is officially here! Which means that you’ll be spending as much time outside as possible. If designing an outdoor space seems overwhelming to you, work with the interior designers at J Turner & Co. in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, Florida. Our team of designers is passionate about creating spaces that you can feel passionate about! Learn more about our interior design services and schedule a consultation today.

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