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Design the Perfect Dining Room

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Designing the perfect dining room could mean creating an elegant space that is perfect for entertaining guests or it could mean creating a warm and homey feel where the entire family gathers each evening. No matter what design aesthetic you want to accomplish, there are some tips to help you accomplish your vision.

Before you attempt to create the perfect dining room on your own, be sure to contact J Turner & Co. in Jacksonville to find the perfect designer to help you achieve your vision. Not only will the process go more smoothly, but you’re sure to love all the added ideas a professional designer can offer. At J Turner & Co., our design team has a wealth of experiences and knowledge to offer when you’re ready to begin the remodeling of your dining room. Contact us today.

Choose Items to Scale

While this may seem like an obvious first step, it can be hard to remember when you come across a piece that you absolutely love. If you’re trying to stretch the function of a smaller room, then it is vital to remember to choose items appropriate for the space.


For larger dining rooms, you want to select a longer table and for smaller rooms, you need a smaller table or even a round table, which makes navigation easier and takes up less room. 


Make sure that the height of your chairs is in proportion to the table. If they are shorter than the table or come up to the table’s height, they’ll end up looking tiny. Conversely, if they are too tall, you will be cramped for leg room when you sit down. For open floor plans, choose chairs that have tall backs, as these help to create visual separation of the rooms. 

Overhead Lighting

The lighting in your dining room should be proportionally sized to the room and specifically with the table. Aim for the light fixture to hang about 30 inches from the surface of the table so that it is not hung too high in the room. Keeping the size and shape of your table in mind, look for light fixtures that are longer, wider, or a series of pendants in order to keep everything to scale. If you prefer single bulb fixtures, then make sure that your table seats no more than four or the light fixture will appear grossly out of proportion. 

Design for Function

As you design your ideal dining room, remember to consider the way you currently use or intend to use it. Do you eat every meal there every single day? Is it just for holidays and special events? Do you host dinner parties once a month? Is it a place to eat and do crafts with the kids? The better you’re able to determine the function of the room, the better the designer can select the best materials and pieces of furniture to suit the needs of the room.

At J Turner & Co. in Jacksonville, our design team can assist you with achieving your vision for your dining room, as well as point you to pieces in our showroom that may be the perfect solution. When you’re ready to begin the remodel of your dining room, be sure to contact us to hire the designer you need.

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