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Mastering the Art of Feng Shui

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Feng shui is a guiding set of rules to interior design that stems from Chinese culture, with the literal translation of feng being “wind” and shui being “water”. But what do these words have to do with interior design? Together, the words wind and water actually have a slightly deeper meaning: the flow of the elements. Therefore, the two basic rules for Feng Shui are creating spaces that flow naturally and balancing a space by incorporating all five of the natural elements.

When done properly, this form of interior design is said to help us stay organized and peaceful, and improve balance in our lives overall.

As experts in interior decoration and design, J Turner & Co. can help you find the life balancing furniture you need to unlock your ideal “chi”, or energy. We can help you pick out the furniture pieces from our collection that flow properly in your living space and that also incorporate the elements and colors you need to feel more comfortable.

Placing and Spacing Your Furniture

All spaces throughout your home should have clear and naturally flowing walking spaces, starting from your front door. Any furniture or decoration that you place in your home should not interrupt walking paths. You and your guests should not have to walk through a maze to get from one place to another. Unclear and narrow walking paths can build tension in the mind, while open and free-flowing spaces are more welcoming and relaxing, as you can always see what’s ahead of you. In general, small walls and rooms should contain more compact furniture, and vice versa for larger spaces. No room, big or small, should feel too cluttered or too bare.

Include the Elements

Try striking a solid balance of the natural elements - earth, wood, fire, water, and metal - by incorporating them all into your interior design process either symbolically or literally.

Elemental Color Groups

Placing symbolic representations of the elements can include using specific color groups, patterns, or artworks. It’s good to know what color group each element represents:
Earth represents greens and yellows; wood represents browns and beiges; fire represents reds and oranges; water represents blues and purples; and metal represents blacks and grays. White does not fall into any specific category, but note that it is a great color to place in any room as it has a brightening feature that helps any space open up and look clean.

The Elements as Materials

Your furniture pieces and decorations should be made of the five elements. Although not included as a natural element, fabrics are of course essential in interior decorating and should always be included. Try to stay away from plastic in your decorating as it is cheap looking, which can be emotionally draining to look at.

There are many examples of how to place elemental materials in your house, and we want to give you some inspiration, so here’s a just a few:
Wood is the most common and can be anything from your flooring, an entire furniture piece (like our signature teak) or an accent; earth as stone, ceramic, and plants; metal as iron, steel, or aluminum; fire as a fireplace or charcoal, and water as a fish tank or clear flower vase.

A good way to balance the elements in your furniture is by starting with wood as your main material, then add in a few earth and metal statement pieces, and finally sprinkle in a few fire and water accents.
Reflect Yourself In Your Design
As you consider incorporating a proper balance of the elements in terms of color and literal representation through a natural flow of the room, be sure to keep yourself in mind. The actual style of the furniture is up to you. The shape of the furniture and the patterns you choose to use are free reign in feng shui interior decoration.

Unlock the Beauty of Feng Shui In Your Home, Visit J. Turner & Co.

Our fine furniture selection paired with our master interior designers can help you decide what the best feng shui options are in your home. Browse our furniture collections online, visit us in Jacksonville, or contact us today with your styling needs.

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